::: opening friday 22. november, starting from 18 h :::

::: 23. – 25. November 2013 / 11-17 h :::
::: Kaus Australis ::: GASTARBEIT ::: Melanchtonweg 137 / 3045 PN / Rotterdam / Netherlands :::


::: Paola Alborghetti und Eckehard Fuchs :::

::: Paola Alborghetti und Eckehard Fuchs :::

Paola Alborghetti: I define my work as the unwitting source of wonderful accidents. The process of creation is starting from what nature and humans bring in a citation, like tracks, signs, footprints. From them I make my paintings. I like to move "inside the materials", the forms, find new ones, cancel things, print drawings, cover them, print new again. The subject of my paintings is the process itself, everything else is a pretext, a piece of memory. In all, there is a trace, a sign left. Trace is a genuine element, silent, like the spontaneity and imagination. In my work I keep myself continually making “real/active” work while always discovering something new under the structures – again putting something away, placing new lines, imagining figures or maybe only shadows, letters, elements connected to the human presence. Representation in my pictures takes place where the wonder is starting and where the imagination has a large space. That means for me, a big opportunity to express the fascination of the „unknown“, instilling an excitement to step further.